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Guangzhou EK Electronic Co., Ltd.

Canbus 4800LM 60W 8V - 18V Original Philips LED Headlights With Aluminum Case

Lighting & Electrical
Canbus 4800LM 60W 8V - 18V Original Philips LED Headlights With Aluminum Case


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Lighting & Electrical  -  LED Light

Offer Post Time: 2014-08-20

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Model: Philips LED headlight


Carriage: Zhejiang


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Canbus Philips LED Headlight With Unique Separated Bulb Base Design



Quick Detail:


1. Power: Total 60W. 2 pcs * 30W philips led= 60W

2. Led IC Chips: Philips Original Led

3. Brightness: it will reach 3200LM (much more brightness than 1800LM CREE led old type in market)

4. Color rendering: Philips led is really better than cree led, very good color rendering.

5. Major Reduction in, Heat Generation;

6. Pure color with nice appearance




1. With Canbus System, easily to pass the car computer test.

2. Quality. Use Philips LUMILEDS LED light source.

3. Superior Beam Pattern. With automatic protection of full digital control system.

4. Longer Lifespan wiith low thermal resistance design

5. High Brightness, high CRT, close to natural daylight.

6. Use Philips LUMILEDS LED light source

7. Operation temperature: -40.-105

8. Fast start, maximize brightness only need 0.01 second after start

9. More electricity saved, same brightness as the HID lights in 30W

10. Open circuit,Short circuit,Excessive temperature, Excessive voltage,Excessive current,Revere polarity protection





Voltage 8V-18V
Lumen Intensity 4800LM
Case Material Aluminum
Chip PHILIPS High Power LED Chip
Waterproof IP67
Lamp type LED
Lifespan More than 50000hs
Output T=6000K
Warranty 15 months
Certificate CE,RoHS, IP67 Compliant
Bulb size D2S,D4S.H7.H8.H9.H10.H11.H12.9005.9006.880.881.H16,H4-3.9004-3.9007-3.H13-3



Philips chip Led headlight Main Features:


1. High lumination suitable for headlight and fog light

2. Approval for CE,Rohs,IP67

3. One-body design Aluminum casting body

4. Initiative aspirated heatsink system

5. Safe system be built-in.

6. Unique separated bulb base design



EK Philips LED headlight advantage:


1. EK Philips LED headlight if fan defect,then led light will reduce the brightness (reduce 10W) and it will flash per second frequency - then need to change the fan. Ensure you 100% safe driving.For now there only EK Philips LED headlight has this unique technology. All CREE led headlight,if fan defect,no hints until it be burned,So it is very danger for drivers.

2. EK Philips LED headlight base is larger than CREE type,it is much better for heat dissipation.

3. EK Philips LED headlight much more power, the most brightness, the highest & best Color rendering index by Philips LUMILEDS chips

4. EK Philips LED headlight adaptor and lamp are separated.Easy to install and it can fit all the cars which need this adaptor.this is EK unique disign.

5. EK Philips LED headlight already has canbus system built in to fit BMW, AUDI, BENZ, VW ...etc - EK unique technology



QC Testing:


1. High/Low Temperature Tested

2. IEC68-2-6 Tremor Tested

3. EN60529 Waterproof & Dustproof Tested

4. DIN Tested

5. IEC Anti-impulse Tested

6. Instant high/low voltage Tested

7. 10,000 time/one minute open circuit Tested

8. EMC CISPR22 guard against Hertzian waves



H4 Waterproof White Light Super Bright Led Headlights Bulbs With Aluminum Case



<img alt="H4 Waterproof White Light Super Bright Led Headlights Bulbs With Aluminum Case" src="/photo/autoledheadlights/editor/20140721230803_85529.jpg" _fcksavedurl="/photo/autoledheadlights/editor/20140721230803_85529.jpg" style="border:0px; height:428px; margin:0px; padding:0px; wid